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An experienced team, offering high quality, commercially competitive esoteric testing in a dedicated diagnostic laboratory.

About Us

We tailor testing to meet your needs

Consistent, quality service at a highly competitive cost

CEDx Labs is a privately-held LLC founded in 2018 by highly experienced executives with backgrounds in clinical diagnostic testing, sample analysis in clinical trials, and large-scale livestock screening.

With low corporate overhead, and ownership’s focus on growth through long-term client satisfaction, CEDx Labs is uniquely positioned to exceed client expectations.

CEDx Labs mission is to provide clients the highest quality testing with industry competitive pricing and turnaround time.

CEDx labs Inc. is the exclusive US and Canadian Partner for Life Length’s proprietary

Telomere Analysis Technology® or to order click here

Starting May 2021 CEDx partnered with Life Length to be their exclusive US partner supporting their proprietary Telomere Analysis Technology (TAT®). While Life Length conducts their analysis in their state-of-the-art Research facility in Madrid, Spain.

Once you order the TAT® test directly from Life Length, CEDx Labs ships ready to use kits to the HCPs. After collection, within 24 -36 Hours CEDx then receives patient samples and processes the blood Tuesday thru Friday. These samples are now stable to ship overseas for Life Length analysis. Life Length provides the comprehensive report to the health care professional.

About TAT®

TAT is a proprietary telomere length assay to determine various telomere length variables in cellular samples and tissues. The TAT uniquely measures telomeres at the chromosomal level, providing the crucial factor for measuring cellular senescence and hence biological age. This test was developed by five Nobel Prize winners and is part of the next generation of health care.

Multiple licenses confirm that Life Length’s proprietary Telomere Analysis Technology® (TAT®) is accredited for diagnostic use in clinical practice and meets the highest standards of accuracy, reproducibility and quality for use by physicians and pharma clients in all fields from preventive medicine to oncology. (US Federal CLIA Certificate Life Length SL)

What are telomeres? –

  • Mean and Median Telomere Length
  • Lowest 20th percentile Telomere Length
  • % short telomeres
  • % of cells with short telomeres
  • Full Telomere Length histogram distribution
  • Absolute measurements in base pairs

For more information on Life Length Length’s proprietary Telomere Analysis Technology® or to order click here


For TAT Assay Technical and Sales:

Contact Pablo Roy or

Providing Quality Services

For clients at all levels: angel-funded to Fortune 500, CEDx Labs will structure solution to meet, and exceed client needs.

Sample Processing, Testing, and Biomarker projects

We provide kitting services, sample processing and sample testing for both diagnostic and project clients. We also validate tests for projects and can run testing without validation purely as lab to lab comparison datasets. Substantial and ongoing PBMC isolation work providing cost-effective processing of US-based samples for European laboratories. Simplify your logistics with CEDx Labs.


We work to exceed client expectations: our team is proactive and responsive – regular, clear, & concise communication, providing and delivering on accurate timelines, to complete work on-time and within budget.

Always working with you to make your project and testing Successful

We can provide project scope / sample testing outline checklist to ensure our response is as informed, specific, and accurate as possible.

Business Opportunities

We specialize in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA), and immunofluorescent assays (IFAs) for companies needing a uniquely personalized testing approach not available from larger commercial testing laboratories.

High Quality Testing & Service

Consistently high quality testing with proactive and responsive client service

Accurate and Transparent Turnaround Time (TAT)

Routinely beat promised TAT – providing results early

Large Sample Volumes

Ability to successfully process large sample numbers and maintain acceptable results TAT

Competitive Cost

Structured as market competitive client-centric costing – a primary driver for repeat business

Wide Ranging Experience and Expertise

Our personnel have broad experience and expertise in laboratory instrumentation and hence are capable of utilizing client instrumentation at our facility (if feasible) to help shorten timeline, cost, and variability within client projects

ELISA and IFA Capabilities

CEDx Labs has robust ELISA and IFA capabilities, and we will proactively add automation and other technologies based on sample volume growth and client needs

Technology will not be a bottle-neck at CEDx

Why non-clinical sample testing

CEDx Labs primary short-term focus is on non-clinical esoteric testing.

Our focus on non-clinical testing lowers laboratory’s regulatory overhead – although lab operates in accordance with applicable CAP & NYSDOH guidelines.

Our business focus on esoteric testing is based on the reality that larger commercial diagnostic labs are far more likely to outsource low volume complex testing than routine high volume tests.

CEDx Labs wants to become your go-to partner for outsourced testing.

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Talk to us about what we can offer you, examples:

Sample testing for diagnostic tests

Correlation testing to verify assay still performing as validated

Instrument validation – we’ll write IQOQPQ and either we execute, or you execute

Sample kit building – simple: we assemble what you provide, up to full service: we design, source, validate, build, & ship directly to your clients


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